Welcome to my Studio!

I am available for design opportunities. My capabilities include:

• Brand Identity
• Infographics
• Custom Lettering
• Wayfinding
• Iconography
• Invitations

Get in touch at msmalik.design@gmail.com 

About Me

I spent my childhood in Abu Dhabi (UAE); my teenage years in Maple, Ontario (Canada); and my college years in Raleigh, North Carolina (USA). I graduated with a Bachelor in Graphic Design from the College of Design at North Carolina State University in Raleigh. I am currently residing in West New York, NJ, close to NYC.

My experiences in life have taught me the value of diversity, which I strive to bring in my designs. In my free time, I enjoy experimenting with Arabic/Urdu calligraphy, gouache painting, doodling fun food characters, and making travel sketches. 

If you’d like to know more...

Apart from English, I can fluently speak Urdu, shway Arabic, and un peu de Français. I admire Pakistani and Middle Eastern fashion, food, and culture. I am constantly inspired and fascinated by the geometry of Islamic art & architecture. I grew up with three brothers playing and watching soccer together. My parents constantly encouraged and supported us with extracurricular activities and creative projects. I enjoy cooking and exploring new places with my husband who helps me find the right balance between my design/work and play time. My daughter who was born recently on New Year’s Day of 2020 has been a constant joy and inspiration behind my creativity!

Find me Elsewhere: 

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Also, I have a personal jewelry brand, which combines my love for Arabic calligraphy, geometric type, and fashion.  Check it out here!